LA WEEKLY says DH is a great thing for Latin Hip Hop. We happen to agree.

First thing first, big thanks to LA Weekly for writing such a great piece, We truly appreciate your words and the love you have for our music. Below is a small excerpt of the whole post. 


You can’t make a playlist of perfect summer songs withoutTres Delinquentes.” That might seem like a mildly hot take to anyone who didn’t sweat through the L.A. heat wave of 1996, but you understand if you were there. Or just ask Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier, who used it as his at-bat music for years.

That was the immortal season of “California Love,” “Tha Crossroads,” the Lakers stealing Shaq from Orlando, and the debut single from Norwalk’s Delinquent Habits. For months, their Spanglish fusion of regional slang, lowriding Chicano culture and a Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass sample boomed at every intersection.

It was No. 1 on Power 106 and constantly played on MTV and The Box. It distilled the diversity and sabor of the city, especially when combined with the unforgettable video featuring mariachi bands, midget tossing, a vintage Ford Fairlane, and Mexican heritage moshing with ’90s L.A. rap aggression.

What you just read is is the first 3 paragraphs from the article, head over to LAWEEKLY to finish it off, we promised the rest is just as good.